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All our hides, skins and furs are sustainably and ethically sourced. As a 100% natural product we guarantee no two products will ever be the same.  They are truly one of a kind pieces to be enjoyed and appreciated for their unique markings, patterns, shape and textures.  These variations are by no means fault or defects in the product, but rather the qualities which add to their uniqueness and give the product the character we so admire.

As by products from farming and food industries which have been prevented from going to landfill, ensures that no animals were harmed or inhumanely treated in the process.  They are processed to strict environmentally friendly standards and are finished in adherence to Australian Manufacturing Standards and are certified ISO 140001 for environmental excellence and quality assurance.

Our coloured sheepskin products have been tanned under strict European Union guidelines to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. We guarantee no harmful AZO dyes have been applied to our hides and they are safe for people, pets and the environment. 

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